Fun on ATVs and UTVs

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One of the popular things to do in the Hochatown / Broken Bow area is to ride ATVs and UTVs to enjoy some of the more tough to reach places. The vehicles get your adrenaline pumping for sure and beautiful scenery to boot.

What you need to know if you need to rent a vehicle:

  • Only UTVs are available for rent at this time from the providers mentioned below. ATVs are not available for rent. (If you have your own ATV, you can bring them.) 
  • To drive, you have to be at least 25 years old with a valid drivers license. 
  • You will have to tow a trailer that will transport the UTVs. Your car will need a tow package: hitch and the ability to plug in trailer brake lights
  • Helmets: Under 18 must wear a DOT helmet while riding. A bicycle helmet does not qualify. It is a $500.00 fine if you are caught not wearing a helmet.
  • A popular spot to ride is in the Ouachita National Forest, at WYR 53000 RD (West side of Highway 259)
  • Do NOT ride ATVs or UTVs on non-designated roads (it's illegal and you can be heavily fined), neighborhoods, businesses, and on your rental cabin's lot without permission from the owners. 
  • When the riding in the Ouachita National Forest, take a look at the Forest Services' safety guidance and laws in this pamphlet

We encourage you to reach out directly to the providers below to ask questions about riding, which trails can be used, and about their rentals. 

It's also handy to have maps of where you can ride ATVs and UTVs: 

Note: If you bring your own ATV: Be careful around hunting season when you ride on the trails. Some of the trails go through areas that are popular with the hunters. Wear a bright orange vest to make you more visible to hunters.

Stay at either of our cabins, Aiukli Creek View Cabin or Aiukli Pine View Cabin, or even both for larger groups that want to stay near each other (Aiukli Creek View Cabin and Aiukli Pine View Cabin are on the same street!). Our Aiukli Cabins are centrally located in Hochatown / Broken Bow for utmost convenience yet you'll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle.

Did you know "Aiukli" means "beautiful" in the Choctaw language? It is nod to the Choctaw native indians that settled in the area. Aiukli is pronounced eye-yuke-lee.