House Rules

We hope you make wonderful memories during your stay with us. We include our rules to make everyone's stay comfortable and safe.

The rules may look a little familiar if you have already read our policies. Our rules get into more specifics and cover a few other things. We apologize that our rules are specific, and you may even find obvious, but it is because it has happened that we include them in our rules; we want to avoid any damage or issue that we would have to charge you for. 

Note: Breaking any of the rules could cause injury to yourself and/or others, and damage to the property. If any rule(s) is broken, we reserve the right to immediately remove you from the premises without a refund, and/or charge you for any damages, repairs/replacement, cleaning, fees, and time at our discretion. If we have included costs below, it is to help you understand some of the costs upfront. If costs seem high, it is because we are in a rural area, where obtaining supplies and labor have added costs that we don’t experience in the city.


Parties, Weddings

We do NOT allow parties, weddings, or wedding receptions on properties. We do not allow non-registered guests on property.



We love animals, but we do NOT allow pets at the cabin. There are several reasons for this, but first and foremost, guests, as well as ourselves, have allergies to pet dander. While we do not allow pets, we cannot guarantee the cabin to be hypoallergenic, especially for those with high sensitivity. Some of our guests are pet owners, who may inadvertently carry pet dander or pet hair with them into the cabin. If a pet is brought onto the property, you will be charged $250 per pet per day, a pet cleaning fee as determined by our cleaners, and a fee for any damages done to the property that appear to be caused by a pet.




Furniture & Decor

Security Cameras




Indoor Gas Fireplace (Note: Not all cabins have an indoor gas fireplace.)


Property Electronic Equipment


Quiet Hours


Hot Tubs


Trees and Firewood


Firepit & Other Lit Items


Tents, RV’s, ATVs


Firearms, Weapons, and Air Guns



Discharge of fireworks are not permitted on property.


Things We Can't Control

In a perfect world, we'd give you the perfect experience. There are some things we cannot control, as such, we do not give refunds and/or cancellations for them. Examples are:


Items Lost or Left Behind