Beavers Bend Annual Folk Festival and Craft Show

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The Forest Heritage Center in Beavers Bend State Park is the site of one of Oklahoma's most popular fall festival. The 28th annual Folk Festival & Craft Show starts November 10, 2023 and goes through November 12, 2023. The festival draws about 16,000 visitors and 70 vendors and admission is FREE! 

The Forest Heritage Center is transformed into a haven of rooms where you can purchase crafts from local artists and seeing turn of the century demos of how handicraft is made. You can watch books be bound by hand, quilting, lathe, candles, woodturners, natural fiber yarns spun by hand, and other crafts. Last year, the central courtyard had activities and lessons for the kids, such as a petting zoo, a decorating toy tops with woodturners, watching blacksmiths and basket weavers, and learning about cannons from the civil war. A festival wouldn't be complete without music, like bagpipes, banjos and fiddles playing Celtic and early American tunes. What about food? The outdoor food court had BBQ, burgers, fish tacos, turkey legs, chocolate, cupcakes, kettle corn, home made root beer, and so much more. While you are at the festival, take a stroll on the Tree trail (1.1 miles loop) next to the center or explore the state park to see the fall foliage. We had so much fun last year that we are looking forward to returning this year. 

See the official brochure for more information. 

Book your stay at Aiukli Creek View Cabin and Aiukli Pine View Cabin and attend this unique and quaint festival. 

Did you know "Aiukli" means "beautiful" in the Choctaw language? It is nod to the Choctaw native indians that settled in the area. Aiukli is pronounced: eye (what you see with) - yuke (rhymes with the name Luke) - lee (like the jeans). 


Pictures from 2022 Folk Festival & Craft Show that we took from our fabulous time there.