Easter Egg Hunt in The Creek

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As a parent, you know how much joy it brings you to bring to your kids, so I couldn't wait to try out my idea. My kids are little older, let's just say they are in the double digits now, but still very young at heart. They have done a lot of things, like a Easter egg hunt on land, except this time it was super sized over what we have at home. Imagine hiding the eggs on Aiukli Creek View Cabin's 1.2 acre property. But that wasn't all. While I enjoyed watching them run all over the place to find the eggs, I was so anxious and nervous whether my surprise hunt in the water would work. It was to be a new twist on the traditional easter egg hunt! Over 210 feet of creek front line the back of the property so it was easy for us to move our land egg hunt to the water.

(Scroll past this pic to see the egg hunt in the creek.)


I had the kids pick their nets and explained the rules. The next easter egg hunt would be in the creek. The creek?! They exclaimed.

Yuppers. I told them that I would release the eggs down the water stream by the rocks and they would have the catch the eggs with only their nets! I thought the splits in the water by the rocks would send the eggs in different directions. It didn't but it was my fault for not spreading them out. The eggs kindof bundled up together in a spot and it made too easy for the kids since they stood at the mouth of the stream between the rocks.

They still had fun and requested to do it again! We gathered the eggs into one bag and I released them again. This time I spread them out a little more in the width of the creek and released them a few at a time. This was closer to what I was envisioning, except the kids were still too close to the mouth of the area. I tried to send them down lower, but my son was not prepared to be in the water without his water shoes. My daughter brought her tall rain boots and was quite comfortable in the water. One thing to note, the water in the creek was deep in areas and the water ended up over her rain boots. She was sloshing around inside her boots, which was sloshing around in the creek. 

The kids wanted to do it again, but this time my son wanted to play Easter bunny. From below the rocks, he released the eggs and it spread out very nicely and slowly, so that we had to stretch to reach the eggs and even take a step or two. Exactly what I imagined, though it was fun to watch the eggs go quickly down the rocks.  We had tons of fun and I would do it again next year. The kids said this was the best part of our weekend trip. I can see us making this into a tradition and now I'll have to think of more inventive ways to make it fun and perhaps more challenging! 


Aiukli Creek View Cabin and Aiukli Pine View Cabin are conveniently located to many points of interests but you don't even need to leave the property to have a great time. 

Did you know "Aiukli" means "beautiful" in the Choctaw language? It is nod to the Choctaw native indians that settled in the area. Aiukli is pronounced eye-yuke-lee.